We are involved in every stage of the construction of modules, rigs and platforms around the world – both onshore and off. We design, purchase, fabricate and test a wide range of modules, skids, steel structures and piping for final delivery, offshore commissioning and start-up.

Thanks to our in-house engineering and fabrication capabilities, cooperation between engineers and production personnel is seamless. In addition, with all this expertise under one roof, we can provide an increased degree of flexibility, moving resources where they are needed most – fast. With so much focus on effective teamwork, we maintain a low margin of error and high productions rate.

Keeping a platform operating in a harsh environment like we have in Nigeria can be a constant battle. Corroded structural elements and piping need replacing at every five-year inspection. And advances in control systems mean that rigs need frequent upgrades and modifications to keep your people safe and your business one step ahead.

For us, running a fast installation project that will keep your platform in operation 24/7 is simply what we do best.